Pre-Sales Event Ends and Shipping Begins

Pre-Sales Event Comes to an End

With your support, we've been able to develop the first generation of Collar Perfect.  Our product has made its way through design, development, and shipment.  With the inventory on its way, we are officially ending our Pre-Sales events.  

Shipments Begin

Our inventory is arriving at the warehouse this week by Wednesday (2/10).  The warehouse will receive the shipment in the system and prepare the shipments.  All backer orders will then begin to ship starting Thursday-Friday (2/11-2/12). 

Once your order is shipped over the next few days, and automated email message will be sent to you.  Please allow up to 2/19 to allow for the message to be delivered and ensure that you check any Spam folders if you have not received.  To streamline any questions, please send any questions to and all up to 48 hours for response. 

What's Next

We have several exciting upcoming events to announce over the next few weeks.  Follow us on social media for the latest events, sales, and more.